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Thank you to the Lorena ISD School Board!

January is School Board Appreciation Month.  The students and faculty of Lorena Middle School wish to thank each of our board members for their time and dedication.  Their volunteer service fosters an environment that creates excellence in teaching and learning.  Your "WORK OF HEART" is appreciated.

At Lorena Middle School, only 7th and 8th graders take semester exams in their courses.  Exams will be administered Tuesday through Friday, January 13th - January 16th.  Following the school holiday on Monday, January 19th, the spring semester begins on Tuesday, January 20th.

Below is the semester exam schedule for Lorena Middle School:

7th Grade:     Tuesday - English and Math
                        Wednesday - English and Math
                        Thursday - Science and History
                        Friday - Electives

8th Grade:     Tuesday - English
                        Wednesday -  Math
                        Thursday - Science
                        Friday - History

Please contact your student's teacher for any additional details or if you have questions.

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS are the standards teachers are required to teach for each grade level and subject area.  The general TEKS can be found on the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) website (

If you are interested in more detailed information to support the TEKS, a great resource can be found on the TEKS Resource System (TEKS RS) (pictured here) To access the TEKS RS, Click on the TEKS Resource System in the drop down menu under "For Parents" on this web page.  

The TEKS RS provides details and specific information about standards by grade level and subject area.  All core subject areas are included for grade 3 through 12.  This is one of many resources available to parents and students in the Lorena ISD.   When teachers post objectives, they will be posting the TEKS # along with it as a point of reference.  The TEKS Clarification provides each standard and support details for a better understanding of expectations.

If you have any questions about accessing this resource, please contact Mrs. Jenny Glaser, the instructional specialist at Lorena Middle School.

Congratulations to January's Teacher of the Month - Sondra Moseley!

Mrs. Moseley, has been nominated and selected as Lorena Middle School's January Teacher of the Month.  Mrs. Moseley is a teacher's aide at Lorena Middle School.  This is her 1st year on the middle school campus.  However, Mrs. Moseley has been in Lorena ISD for 9 years.  

Below is a portion of the nomination letter Mrs. Moseley received:

Mrs. Moseley is fantastic with students.  She has a challenging job, but she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  She not only supports students to whom she is assigned, but any student in need of assistance.  Mrs. Moseley also helps out wherever and whenever needed.  Recently, there was a difficult situation in which she went above and beyond. In other words, Mrs. Moseley is incredible - her patience with students and her passion for what she does is evident.  She is truly deserving of being recognized as Teacher of the Month.  

                                                Congratulations Mrs. Moseley!!

If you are interested in nominating a teacher for Teacher of the Month, please contact the school at 254-857-4621.

Welcome to LMS

"Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving." Oliver Wendell Holmes

At Lorena Middle School, our mission is to support district level initiatives by creating an exemplary learning environment committed to student achievement and leadership development as we engage students, parents, and the community to maximize life-long learning.

In the Lorena I.S.D. a "Tradition of Excellence" has always been about the journey from good to great. This year, our theme is "Expect Greatness." Lorena Middle School will support that district initiative by continuing to share our passion for learning with the students we serve in grades five through eight. With community and parent support, our goal is to ensure that each student has a challenging and safe learning environment in which to excel.

Lorena Middle School achieves greatness through high expectations, respect for ourselves and others, integrity, and excellence in all that we say and do.

Lorena Middle School

Known. Valued. Inspired.

  January 2015  
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