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LMS Band members take part in Region Auditions

Lorena Middle School band members took part in ATSSB Region Auditions on December 5 at Robinson Junior High School. 10 students qualified to be placed in a band.

Matthew McKown and John Cash earned spots in the ATSSB Combined Honors Band.

Tenley Perry, Delilah Schmidt, Maggie Lee, Jessica Truong, Jayden Torres, Trammell Nuner, Raylan Whiddon, and Memphis Juntunen were all named to the ATSSB West Zone Band.

The students that were placed in the Combined Honors Band and the West Zone Band will perform at the ATSSB All-Region Concert on January 13th at Groesbeck High School.

ATSSB Region Auditions

Matthew McKown - Trumpet - 8th Grade - placed 4th out of 65

John Cash - Trumpet - 7th Grade - placed 5th out of 65

Tenley Perry - Flute - 8th Grade - placed 7th out of 52

Delilah Schmidt - Flute - 7th Grade - placed 11th out of 52

Maggie Lee - Clarinet - 8th Grade - placed 9th out of 50

Jessica Truong - Clarinet - 7th Grade - placed 10th out of 50

Jayden Torres - Clarinet - 7th Grade - placed 19th out of 50

Trammell Nuner - Trumpet - 8th Grade - placed 8th out of 65

Raylan Whiddon - Trumpet - 7th Grade - placed 25th out of 65

Memphis Juntunen - Euphonium - 8th Grade - placed 5th out of 28

Brooklyn West - Flute - 8th Grade, placed 22nd

Quinn Martin - Flute - 7th Grade, placed 33rd

Addisyn Jones - Clarinet - 7th Grade, placed 31st

Jaythan Boynton - Clarinet - 7th Grade, placed 33rd

Orry Stroud - Clarinet - 8th Grade, placed 37th

Elena DeLeon - Alto Sax - 7th Grade, placed 22nd

Cadence Juntunen - Alto Sax - 8th Grade, placed 29th

Madison Mitchell - Alto Sax - 7th Grade, placed 32nd

Tijge Wynveen - Tenor Sax - 7th Grade, placed 6th

Ben Vera - Trumpet - 8th Grade, placed 35th

Emely Garcia - Trumpet - 7th Grade, placed 46th

Jazlynn Alaniz - French Horn - 8th Grade, placed 15th

Molly Vrana - French Horn - 8th Grade, placed 19th

Lyla Bounds - French Horn - 7th Grade, placed 20th

Gage Provence - French Horn - 7th Grade, placed 22nd

Athena Chapin - French Horn - 7th Grade, placed 24th

Isabelle Rivera - French Horn - 7th Grade, placed 27th

Ben Hoover - Trombone - 8th Grade, placed 21st

Darek Prechtl - Trombone - 8th Grade, placed 33rd

Gavin Fagner - Trombone - 8th Grade, placed 36th

Andrew Robinson - Trombone - 7th Grade, placed 37th

Berkley Aiello - Trombone - 8th Grade, placed 38th

Jared Grindstaff - Euphonium - 7th Grade, placed 22nd

Joel Cadena - Euphonium - 7th Grade, placed 23rd

Lucas Carrol - Tuba - 8th Grade, placed 14th

Jake Strowger - Percussion - 8th Grade, placed 21st

Terreallyn Surber - Percussion - 8th Grade, placed 46th

Bella Miller - Percussion - 7th Grade, placed 48th